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At IPA Laboratories, we offer testing for the microbiological properties of surface materials with and without antimicrobial coatings.

Our lab has a long history of microbiological testing and research on ceramic tiles, as well as other floor and wall coverings. Additionally, we offer groundbreaking research on photocatalytic antimicrobial surfaces and the antimicrobial effects of various metal oxides in glazes.

We have also added antiviral testing to our list of services. We can use antiviral testing to determine key factors:

  • The survival rates/duration of viruses on different surface materials
  • The efficacy of common household cleaners in disinfecting those surfaces

Available Tests

ISO 21702Antiviral Activity on Plastics & Other Nonporous Surfaces
ISO 17721-1Antibacterial Activity of Ceramic Tile, Antibacterial Agents
ISO 17721-2Antibacterial Activity of Ceramic Tile, Photocatalytic Antibacterial Agents
ISO 18061Antiviral Activity of Photocatalytic Materials
ISO 18071Antiviral Activity of Photocatalytic Materials Under Indoor Lighting Environment
ISO 22196Antibacterial Activity on Plastics & Other Nonporous Surfaces
ASTM E3031Antibacterial Activity on Ceramic Surfaces
ASTM E1428Performance of Antimicrobials in/on Polymeric Solids Against Staining by Streptomyces Species (a Pink Stain Organism)
ASTM G21Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi
ASTM G29Algal Resistance of Polymeric Films
ISO 27447Antibacterial Activity of Semiconducting Photocatalytic Materials
ISO 22197Air-Purification Performance of Semiconducting Photocatalytic Material
Part 1: Removal of Nitric Oxide
Part 2: Removal of Acetaldehyde
Part 3: Removal of Toluene
Part 4: Removal of Formaldehyde
Part 5: Removal of Methyl Mercaptan
ISO 13125Antifungal Activity of Semiconducting Photocatalytic Materials
ISO 10678Photocatalytic Activity of Surfaces in an Aqueous Medium by Degradation of Methylene Blue
UNI 11259Photocatalytic Activity of Hydraulic Binders – Rhodamine B
ISO 10993-5Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices — Part 5: Tests for In Vitro Cytotoxicity
ASTM E1053Practice To Assess Virucidal Activity of Chemicals Intended for Disinfection
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Broad array of ISO 17025-accredited tests for ASTM, ANSI and ISO standards, as well as customized testing for research and development

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Lab staff with over 125 years of combined experience in product evaluation and research

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Engineers and scientists on staff, combined with additional collaboration with Clemson University and others

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Participation and leadership in more than 20 international standards committees, providing unmatched knowledge into standards and testing methods

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