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Sustainability Testing

IPA Laboratories offers testing to determine whether a product meets sustainable building requirements and is an environmentally responsible choice.

Available Tests

ASTM C609Light Reflectance Value (LRV)
ASTM C895Lead & Cadmium Extracted From Glazed Ceramic Tile
ASTM D5116Determination of Organic Emissions
ASTM E1980Determination of Solar Reflectance Index (SRI)
CA 01350Testing of Volatile Organic Emissions, Small-Scale Environmental Chamber

IPA Laboratories is a Green Squared Certifier. If interested in Green Squared Certification, contact us.

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Broad array of ISO 17025-accredited tests for ASTM, ANSI and ISO standards, as well as customized testing for research and development

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Lab staff with over 125 years of combined experience in product evaluation and research

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Engineers and scientists on staff, combined with additional collaboration with Clemson University and others

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Participation and leadership in more than 20 international standards committees, providing unmatched knowledge into standards and testing methods

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We can test many other products and materials besides those listed above. Contact us to discuss your project.

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