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Glass Tile Testing

IPA Laboratories commonly performs these tests on glass tile, including those for testing for compliance with ANSI A137.2 specifications.

For more information about tests that comply with ANSI 137.2, download our Specification for Glass Tile testing checklist.

Available Tests

ANSI A137.2-7.6Mounting Variation From Nominal Joint Size
ANSI A137.2-7.7Bond Strength
ANSI A137.2-7.8Compressive Strength
ANSI A137.2-7.9Thermal Shock Resistance
ANSI A326.3Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF)
ASTM C372Linear Thermal Expansion
ASTM C373Water Absorption
ASTM C424Crazing Resistance
ASTM C485, ASTM C499, ASTM C502Warpage, Facial & Thickness Dimensions, and Wedging
ASTM C609Light Reflectance Value & Small Color Differences
ASTM C627Robinson Floor Test
ASTM C648Breaking Strength
ASTM C650Chemical Resistance
ASTM C895Lead & Cadmium Extracted From Glazed Ceramic Tile
ASTM C1026Freeze-Thaw
ASTM C1027Surface Visible Abrasion
ASTM C1378Staining Resistance
ASTM C1505MOR & Breaking Strength
ASTM C1895Mohs Scratch Hardness
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