After many years and hundreds of hours of research by International Product Assurance (IPA) Laboratories, ANSI A137.3 American National Standard Specifications for Gauged Porcelain Tiles and Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels/Slabs has been updated to include criteria characterizing 2 cm gauged porcelain tile pavers. Through our participation and unmatched knowledge into standards and test methods, IPA Laboratories paved the way as a leader in developing the groundbreaking standard criteria.

The Urgency for Updated Standards

The rise in demand for outdoor living spaces has increased the use of 2 cm gauged porcelain tile pavers. The widespread adoption of these versatile pavers has, in turn, increased the need for standardized criteria. With this newly updated standard, specifiers, installers, building owners, and consumers can rely on standardized product performance criteria to ensure the success of their porcelain paver installations.

What Can Happen if a Product is Not up to Standard?

IPA Laboratories engineers test a 2cm paver that proves up to standard versus a sub-standard 2cm paver.

The video above illustrates why the updated ANSI A137.3 standard is a crucial safeguard against potential pitfalls in 2cm performance. Products that conform to the updated standard can be expected to perform with quality and durability that sets them apart in the marketplace.

Pro tip: Order the updated ANSI A137.3 standard from the Tile Council of North America.

Testing to Ensure Compliance and Performance

International Product Assurance Laboratories offers a full scope of testing to evaluate products to the requirements specified for 2 cm gauged porcelain tile pavers, now included in ANSI A137.3.

Use this checklist as a guide for the tests specified in ANSI A137.3 for 2 cm gauged porcelain products. Contact us at or 855-IPA-LABS (855-472-5227) to get started.